07 May 2009

RootsMagic 4 - Additional nFS Certification

In a past posting I declared my preference for RootsMagic 4 software for my personal genealogy database. Today, FamilySearch Support sent an email to FH Centers announcing that RootsMagic 4 is now certified to "reserve and submit ancestral names to temples to print LDS temple name cards using FamilySearch Web services".

The email went on to explain: "As an application that is certified to reserve ordinances, RootsMagic 4 has the ability to link people in your desktop genealogy file with matching people on the new.familysearch.org Web site. Once linked, a simple click on the temple icon next to a person’s name will display that person's official temple ordinances, complete with dates, temple name, and status. Incomplete temple ordinances may then be reserved to be performed at a later time. Your own file may also be updated with ordinances that are already completed. RootsMagic 4 can select reserved ordinances and print a Family Ordinance Request (FOR) form to take to the temple. Once at the temple, a worker will scan the bar code on the form and print all the desired temple name ordinance cards. Once the ordinances have been completed, RootsMagic will be updated with your ancestors’ new ordinance status."

For more product information about the certification go to RootsMagic's web site. And for those of you that are local, contact me for more info.


  1. The training site, masteringfamilyhistory.com, gives training videos for using PAF in conjunction with newfamilysearch. How do we adapt that to RootsMagic?

  2. Curg,

    Go to:


    and there are training videos for using RootsMagic 4 to link, sync, and submit ordinances with New FamilySearch.

    - Bruce

  3. I am new to genealogy, and we don't have nFS where I live yet. You said you prefer RootsMagic. Can you tell me if you use RootsMagic in conjunction with nFS? Is it necessary to use both? Or does RootsMagic provide more features not available in nFS?

  4. Big Al,
    Yes RootsMagic works directly with nFS. You can do most things from within RootsMagic, including LDS temple ordinance "trips". RM will allow you to pass data back and forth between the two programs with ease. You have a death fact and nFS doesn't? Just click a box and it will load that fact info nFS. You can see how it works by going to http://www.rootsmagic.com/fs/ . Also, you can download the trial copy and play with it. Import your data from PAF or whichever you currently use and view it within RM within seconds...about 4 seconds to be exact!