06 June 2009

Getting Closer to new FamilySearch!

Are you jealous of all those members around the world that have been using new FamilySearch for over two years now? And, you are probably a bit jealous of those of us who have been given that privilege early, right? Well there are signs that we in the Draper Temple district are getting closer to having all our members have that same privilege!

Some of you may have already looked over the new Utah/Idaho Release website for new FamilySearch, if you followed the link in the right hand column -> listed under "New FamilySearch".

A recent update to the Utah/Idaho Release website shows more expansion of the rollout. Consultants for the St George, Boise, Mount Timpanogos, Bountiful and Salt Lake Temple districts have been notified to begin preparation.

This is soooo close!

But, here’s my little secret ...The Draper Temple should be able to accept FOR’s (that’s those Family Ordinance Requests) on or about July 14th!)

That means that those of us that have access to new FamilySearch now can start printing a FOR from home beginning July 14th, take it to the Draper Temple and have the temple print our ordinance cards! Yeah, no more TempleReady!

There is info on the Utah/Idaho Release website that you can start to review now. The most important thing to remember is that all the consultants and Priesthood leaders (that’s you High Priest group leaders) MUST BE REGISTERED immediately! If you haven’t already done so, please follow the link to register.

There are also a number of videos and handouts that you can start reading. Follow the links on the above website or directly from this page.

Click here to access a three part series of training articles on new FamilySearch done in PDF format. You can print them out and study them all you want. Miles Meyer put these together and he also has a number of other classes on his website. He does a great job.

So, get ready, get busy, and spread the word! Head to the FHC for help. The faster we can get the staff trained, the faster they can help others!