27 March 2010

Required Updates for 3rd Party Genealogy Software

Legacy Family Tree has just released an update to version This is their first release since January and fixes a number of known issues. They have also added some enhancements to their new FamilySearch interface. They added a change to the DNA field and added the latest temple codes. To see the details of fixes and changes go here.

Ancestral Quest - the last I heard AQ was working on an update to be compatible with the new FamilySearch updates that go into effect on Monday, March 29th. They may not make it by Monday but it shouldn't be too long. UPDATE: Use the current version until the new version of new FamilySearch is released, probably after midnight on the morning of March 29th. Then download the new update of AQ at

Family Insight - has an update available now that will make working with new FamilySearch on Monday seamless. Make sure you down load the latest update here.

If you are aware of any other update or changes, please let me know.

As a reminder, you can see the complete list of FamilySearch Certified software here.