09 August 2010

New Updates in New FamilySearch

New FamilySearch has been updated! 

One of the best features added actually removed a feature, which I think is great! You can no longer add new disputes. I think disputes were overused from the very beginning because they was so easy to create. Some people would dispute a person because the birth date wasn't exactly what they thought it should be or because the name wasn't spelled the way they wanted it spelled. However, the record is still for the correct person.

The existing disputes are still in the system and whoever entered that dispute can remove it. Eventually all remaining disputes and their associated notes will be moved to the discussion boards.

So what you probably ought to do now is go in and remove any dispute that you may have entered. In its place you should add notes or start a discussion. Discussions were added about three months ago and they work much like an online forum or message board.

Don't forget to utilize the Combined Records. You can find them on the bottom of either the Summary Tab or the Detail Tab. Anytime you find a problem, go in and double check those combined records and make sure that all records have been combined correctly. Somewhere along the line a record may have been added to the folder incorrectly. You can remove that incorrect record from the folder.

Some changes have been made to accommodate the Russian and Italian languages. And other changes to accommodate Asian languages.

New tutorials have been added to help you learn to use the system. You will find them under HELP > Training and Resources.

And lastly, corrections and additions to the User's Guide have been made and the marked with a blue horizontal arrow for easier review.

Keep up the good work everyone!!!