01 September 2010

FREE Training in Utah and Salt Lake Counties!

So much to learn, so little time! But, I'm trying to make it a little easier by letting you know what training is available in and around these valleys. Check out the calendar at the bottom of this blog.

I have started adding the training classes for the Riverton FamilySearch Library, their Saturday Seminars held every 3rd Saturday each month, the Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake, and the Utah Valley PAF Users Group (UVPAFUG) in Provo held the 2nd Saturday each month (except December).

There is a direct link to their training pages just above the calendar so you can double check me or look for last minute changes. But I'm listing all the classes on one calendar.

If you know of other FREE training available in either county please let me know and I'll add those to the calendar also. As you can see, there is training available almost every day so don't waste one precious minute of your time! Start learning today!