26 November 2014

New RootsMagic 7 COMPARE FILES Feature - My Way!

WOW! I'm impressed! The new version 7 of RootsMagic has added a new "compare files" feature and I found a slick use for it.

I use RootsMagic as my my main family history software. However, I also use FamilyTreeMaker mainly to download my Ancestry tree information. But, the problem has been trying to get the info from my FTM file into my RootsMagic file without having to individually download any documents or events I want to save to my home files. I also didn't want to have to go through every single person and compare my FTM file with my RootsMagic file by having both software packages open and having to retype any differences I find. I've been avoiding it like the plague!

RootsMagic's new feature just saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of tedious work. Here's what I did.

1. I opened and synced my FTM file.

2. I exported a gedcom 5.5 file from my FTM file and gave it a name to remind me where the gedcom file came from.

3. I created a new RootsMagic 7 database with the same name I assigned to the gedcom file. (or any name you want)

4. I imported the gedcom file into the new RM file I had just created.


5. I opened my main RootsMagic 7 file.

6. Select FILE -- COMPARE FILES and then I selected the new RM file I created from the downloaded FTM gedcom.

During the comparison process you will see the status of the comparison.

Here is what the comparison displays. You can click on the column headers to resort.

As you can see there are little empty boxes displayed to the left of some events. Selecting a box allows you to pass the specific data from one file to the other. And you can EDIT your person from within the Compare File box. So if I find something in my Ancestry tree file (on the right) that I want to add to my RootsMagic tree file (on the left) I can just click the box and RootsMagic will pass the info to my main file.

Also, there are icons under the "S" for Sources (or a camera under the "M" for media). I can click on any of the icons like this check marked one.

When I do, this is what appears.

Now I can copy one or all of my sources found using my Ancestry tree (on the right) directly into my main RootsMagic file! To transfer just some of them click on the individual boxes.

I don't have to complete the entire list on the COMPARE file. If I close the COMPARE file it will eliminate the comparisons that I already worked. Then when I open the file again and do another COMPARE FILES I can just continue with whatever records are listed. Eventually, I can just delete the RootsMagic file that I created from the FTM file.

If you also use FTM, you probably know that when you  sync your file, all the documents and pictures that are attached to your Ancestry tree end up on your computer. They are stored in your "Documents/Family Tree Maker" folder on your computer. 

(I used to copy some of those media files into the same folder where I store my RM media, but that was a real pain, besides taking up valuable space).  Here is what displays on the comparison file if there is media (click on the camera icon). Now all I have to do is copy the media link into my main database and no more copying of those FTM images! RootsMagic now knows where that media file is located and points to it.

Now, you can also receive a copy of a file from a "cousin" or an old database and compare the files and clean up your data. This is a fantastic new feature!! Enjoy!!

NOTE TO LDS MEMBERS: When the final step of the Ancestry/FamilySearch feature is added, you will be able to pass Ancestry sources from your tree into the FamilySearch Family Tree. Then you can download each source directly into your RootsMagic file. 

MyHeritage and RootsMagic Integration - My Experience

With today's announcement of the integration between MyHeritage network and the new release of RootsMagic Version 7, I took the opportunity to test drive the process - and I like it!!

This is a great opportunity for everyone, especially for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who recently were provided access to MyHeritage and it's great Smart-Matching research tools and, for all RootsMagic users around the world.

I have had a family tree(s) on MyHeritage for several years and have found many, many of my ancestors located in other family trees on MyHeritage. As more and more sources are being added (or linked) into MyHeritage I have been letting MyHeritage find the records and sources for me - while I sleep as it searches my tree for matches to other trees and to record set sources!

So many of us in the United States and other countries, including myself, have ancestors from Europe. MyHeritage came into existence in 2003 and began acquiring small genealogy family tree companies throughout Europe. Since then they also acquired Geni.com which includes family trees from around the world. The great benefit I have found is that many of my ancestor's descendants still live in Europe and have created trees (and some are very well documented)! Now, as I link to these trees I am finding "cousins" and their trees that are helping me extent my tree in a fantastic way.

I am also a dedicated user of RootsMagic software. Today's new version 7 provides me a direct link to those "source hints" that are located in both MyHeritage and also in FamilySearch sources.

By selecting the "light bulb" icon next to a person's name as seen here, 

If you don't use FamilySearch LDS features, you won't see the other two icons. You can create a free FamilySearch account and the gray/blue tree icon will display.

you will then see this pop-up.

As I click on the pending "number" of possible sources or matches, the applicable web page opens and displays the source/match. When I confirm or reject them the numbers will change and be added to the confirmed or rejected columns. If I want to save the MyHeritage source to RootsMagic I have to create a source for each fact/event. Yes, it would be great if it automatically saved to my file! But, hopefully, that may be a feature in the future. However, the link to those hints stay in my database behind the little "light bulb" icon on each person in my database.

One thing to keep in mind that is very important....  If the person in your RootsMagic tree is also in MyHeritage or FamilySearch (entered by anyone) then those source hints will display. So you can still compare and match with records in either one. Also, not every data set in FamilySearch is searched by this process, so you will eventually want to search deeper for more sources that the hinting feature does not find. (this paragraph has been edited based on comments below)

So if you have any questions or find something that is incorrect as listed above, post a comment and I will try to answer you.

Joint Announcement Between MyHeritage network and RootsMagic software

Early this morning, an announcement by MyHeritage's network, and RootsMagic software, jointly announced that MyHeritage’s Smart Matching™ and Record Matching technologies have been integrated into RootsMagic’s latest Version 7 of its popular genealogy software (released today). This enables RootsMagic users to discover the life stories of their ancestors thanks to highly accurate matching between their family trees and millions of family trees and billions of global historical records available on MyHeritage. This same technology will take place with the United Kingdom's Family Historian software in mid December.

RootsMagic, first released in 2003, is an award winning genealogy program for documenting and preserving family history. Its latest version 7, released this week, includes among its highlights a new feature named WebHints powered by MyHeritage matching technologies that transforms the program into a powerful research tool. WebHints also include hints from genealogy website FamilySearch for authenticated users. Information sent by RootsMagic to MyHeritage for matching is never collected or shared, and is deleted after matching to ensure the complete privacy of RootsMagic users and their data.
MyHeritage enables millions of families around the world to discover, share and preserve their family history on the MyHeritage website, mobile apps and desktop applications. In addition, MyHeritage is well known as a technology innovator. Its flagship technologies, Smart Matching™ and Record Matching, which generate automatic discoveries based on MyHeritage’s huge international database of family trees and historical records, are sought after within the family history space. Leading genealogy organizations are partnering with MyHeritage to integrate these technologies into their products.
MyHeritage matches are a very exciting feature”, said RootsMagic, Inc.’s Vice President, Michael Booth. “It was like magic to me when the WebHints were first wired into RootsMagic and I opened my file and saw all the matches appear. I spent hours exploring and discovering newspaper articles, certificates, and records that I had never seen before. Our initial testers are also reporting that they have been having so much fun exploring the MyHeritage matches that they have had to pull themselves away to test the other features.”
“We’re thrilled to provide RootsMagic – an acclaimed genealogy software among the most popular in the USA – with our powerful matching technologies” said MyHeritage’s Founder & CEO Gilad Japhet. “This partnership will significantly accelerate discoveries for RootsMagic users and will expand the tremendous reach of MyHeritage.”
About MyHeritage
MyHeritage is the leading destination for discovering, sharing and preserving family history. As technology thought leaders and innovators, MyHeritage is transforming family history into an activity that’s accessible and instantly rewarding. Its global user community enjoys access to a massive database of historical records, the most internationally diverse collection of family trees, and ground-breaking search and matching technologies. MyHeritage is trusted by millions of families and provides them an easy way to share their story, past and present, and treasure it for generations to come. MyHeritage is available in 40 languages.
About RootsMagic, Inc.
For over 20 years, RootsMagic, Inc. has been creating computer software with a special purpose - to unite families. One of its earliest products, the popular Family Origins software, introduced thousands of people to the joy and excitement of family history.
That tradition continues today with RootsMagic, its award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing family history fun and easy.
Coming: My experience with the integration...