29 April 2009

Get Started! ...part 2

Research Your Data...continued

2. Utilize Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet. Cyndi’s List contains, literally, over 264,000 links to genealogy websites that are indexed by subject, location or keywords. These are free and subscription-based web sites that contain transcribed data, published family pedigrees and histories, training materials, historical data, photographs, reference and finding aids, and, just about anything you can possibly imagine having to do with family history. Cyndi’s List is your “table of contents”, your “index” to the Internet for genealogy.

3. The Internet has many message boards, blogs and mailing lists available to help you communicate with others around the world who have similar interests in research and training on family history and genealogy.

4. Utilize a Family History Center.

a. FH Centers are staffed with people from who have been called to serve as Family History Consultants or by local genealogy enthusiasts.

b. The FH Center has free access to a number of subscription websites. Currently those include:
Ancestry.com Library Edition
Godfrey Memorial Library (contains the Newspaper Archives)
Heritage Quest
Kindred Konnections
World Vital Records

c. The FH Center has all of the published Pedigree Resource Files on CD that contain much more information than what is online at FamilySearch.

5. Utilize the Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake.

a. You can search the library catalog online FamilySearch.org from your home so that you are prepared before going to the library. The library contains millions of records published on microfilm, microfiche, books and CD’s. Searching the catalog will provide you with information on what is available, film numbers, book references, etc. to save you time, narrow your search, and identify availability of applicable records.

b. Training classes are also provided for free at the library. A schedule is listed here.