01 May 2009

Having Trouble Understanding Your PC?

So many of us did not have the opportunity to grow up with a personal computer (PC) on the ends of our fingers like young people today! My grandchildren have no apprehension when it comes to using the modern tools of today. We went from "type class" in Middle School to High Tech in what seems like overnight. Well, just in case you still struggle with what that box sitting in front of you really does, I have a little bit of help for you.

Several years ago I put together a Powerpoint class on the basics of understanding the PC. It's still out there, and it's a little outdated, but it will still help you understand what you are dealing with. (We don't often see floppy disks and zip drives any longer....but....)

So, click here to get to my class that's now in PDF format "PC Computing - How to Make it All Work Together!" Of course, I'm not there to narrate but you'll still get the picture!