06 July 2009

Family History Expos Conference in Sandy, Utah

Have you ever, or never, attended a Family History Conference? Did you avoid going because it was too far from home? Maybe you felt you were too "green" at family history and thought a conference would be "over your head"? Or maybe, you thought you just couldn't learn any more because conferences are only for beginners?

This is the one you want to attend! Family History Expos has fast become one of the leading organizers of family history conferences in the country. And now, the Salt Lake City Expo is being held right here in Sandy, Utah.

This conference has something for everyone -- beginners to advanced -- and the price is right. Many conferences around the country are housed in large, expensive, hotels and the cost is prohibitive for many. Now those of you here in Sandy can go home every evening and have NO hotel expense!

This conference covers the techniques and technology available to trace your roots. And now that new FamilySearch is getting close to being released to all members, this is absolutely the perfect time to attend. I love these conferences!

The conference is being held in the Sandy Expo Center on August 28th and 29th from 8am to 6pm both days. The cost for attending both days is only $68 if you register early. You receive a CD version of the syllabus and as soon as you register you have access to the syllabus online. Paper copies of the syllabus is available for purchase.

More details on the conference can be found on the Expo website. From here you can see the schedule and presenters.

More information on the company that hosts the conference can be found at the fhexpos.com website.

Check this conference out. I promise you won't be sorry!