02 July 2009

Update at New.Familysearch.org Utah and Idaho Release

A new tab has recently been added to New.Familysearch.org Utah and Idaho Release website. The “Assist Members” tab now includes the following helpful information:

1. Family History Center specific instructions
2. Printable instructions for accessing the online training
3. How to creating a FOR from a TempleReady disk
4. Help on including more than one person on a FOR
5. Explanations concerning ancestral issues
6. Instructions for members with pioneer ancestry

I’d suggest you take the time to read the information, especially if you are a consultant and/or you serve in the family history center.

Are you prepared?

Another question that has been asked lately is “when are we as individual stakes in Utah and Idaho considered READY to receive access to new FamilySearch on a stake by stake basis?”

Well, the answer lies on the REPORT tab. The bottom line is “A stake will be considered ready when each ward and branch in the stake has at least one family history consultant who has completed all of the preparation steps outlined on the Prepare page.” So what does that mean? It means that you need to GET PREPARED by following the outline on the PREPARE tab.

1. Watch the DVD online.
2. Complete the E-Learning Courses online
3. Actively use the new FamilySearch website
4. Report your readiness to the High Priest Group Leader in your ward.
5. Then the HPGL reports to the high councilor with FH responsibilities.
6. Then the high councilor reports to the stake’s Area FH Advisor.

(Note: Since my calling is on a stake basis, if you are in my stake, please let me know when you are ready and we will take it from there.)

So the sooner you are ready, the sooner your stake will gain access to new FamilySearch when it begins release in your temple district.

Aren’t you getting excited? :)