26 October 2009

Excited to Use new FamilySearch?

Now that new FamilySearch is being released in the Salt Lake Valley many questions are coming up about how best to learn to use the program. Most of the temple districts around the U.S. and other parts of the world have been using nFS for up to two years now and users have been creating new lessons and tools to help others learn the process.  These are tools beyond the E-Learning classes that are available within nFS.

I can’t say which of the lessons or tools are the “best” because each individual is different and learns in different ways. So, one method may work better for you than another.  I’d suggest you browse through the different offerings and decide for yourself. You may want to take the E-learning classes first to establish your knowledge of the basics and then, use some of the others for their more detailed solutions to problems. Problems are often complicated and can best be explained through examples.

Here are several of the best places to learn to use nFS.

1.       E-Learning classes on nFS. Log in to nFS, click on HELP CENTER, and then on the Training and Resources tab. On that tab you will find the links to the E-Learning Courses available to you.  www.new.familysearch.org  Remember to check back occasionally because your list of classes will update as needed.

2.       FHC Lesson Manuals from a FHC in Florida written by Miles Meyer.  Scroll down to the applicable new FamilySearch lessons.

3.       New FamilySearch videos prepared by John Willis from a California FHC. The list of classes are available on video to view or to download. The links to specific classes to view are as follows: (allow time for download of each video.)
4.       How to register for nFS

5.       BYU – Religion 261 manual for new FamilySearch and other programs

6.       Introduction to new FamilySearch

7.       A simple overview of nFS 

8.       How to use nFS correctly (74 page manual by George Scott – Lindon, Utah FHC)

9.       A casual overview of new FamilySearch – (48 page manual)

10.      How to teach nFS to members (a basic outline by Laurie Castillo)

If you locate lessons and tools that I have missed, please let me know and I will add them to the list.