03 March 2010

Consolidate All Your LDS Church Logins

Get ready to consolidate all your LDS Church logins!

This is actually really good news! The LDS Church is finally getting ready to make changes so that you only need ONE login name and password to get access to all the Church software systems.

You are already using this single username and password if you currently use your stake or ward website. FamilySearch is now using this single username and password for the Research Wiki. New FamilySearch and FamilySearch Indexing will begin using the single username and password in the near future. (Probably during the month of March, 2010.)

So if you haven't already done this, DO IT NOW rather than waiting for these family history applications to begin using it and you have to deal with the mad crunch. You can go to ldsaccount.lds.org and obtain what is called an LDS Account. You can also check to see if you already have an account or you can use the links on the page to remind you what your username and password is if you have forgotten them.

 Need to register for the other sites? Here's how: 

To register as a Consultant or Priesthood Leader overseeing Temple and Family History Work:  Go to lds.org > Serving in the Church > Family History > priesthood.familysearch.org or  consultant.familysearch.org OR just click on these links. You will need your Church membership number and your ward/branch unit number. Get that from your ward/branch clerk. You do want to register if you are a consultant or a Priesthood leader, and here is why:

If you are not registered as a consultant or a priesthood leader, you will see only one lesson (new FamilySearch lesson)--which is the lesson that all members see--when you go to new.familysearch.org > Help Center > Training and Resources Tab > e-learning courses. If you are registered as a consultant or priesthood leader, you have many more important lessons available to you under your "e-learning courses."

Under your "Training and Resources" tab, you will then have 12 more instructional items available. It is very important to be aware of this difference. Each of you go to your "Training and Resources" tab and see what is there. Then have your spouse or child (a regular member) go into their "Training and Resources" tab, so you can see the difference in what is available. Unregistered consultants and priesthood leaders are missing out.

 Registering everyone age 12 and older on new FamilySearch:
Go to new.familysearch.org . Click on Register for the new FamilySearch. Each member needs their own Church membership number and confirmation date.

Registering to do FamilySearch Indexing:
Suggested age: 14 to 114! Go to familysearchindexing.org  and follow the instructions. Get your kids involved! They can "play" on the PC and do something worthwhile!
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