26 March 2010

RootsMagic 4 Releases Update with FamilySearch AutoMatch

More great news for those using RootsMagic 4 or RootsMagic Essentials software and, especially for those who interface directly with new FamilySearch.

A new update and enhancement has been released adding a new time-saving feature called AutoMatch. This feature "examines each person in your RootsMagic file, searches the FamilySearch database for the person, and after carefully comparing them, matches them to gether if they are the same; all without requiring user intervention." Now you can start AutoMatch before you head to bed or go out for the evening and when you come back most of your database should be matched!  This feature is included in both RootsMagic 4 and in RootsMagic Essentials, the free version.

In additon to the new AutoMatch feature, this update is required for RootsMagic to continue working with new FamilySearch, probably early next week. So please take a few minutes and update your version. If your news screen has been turned off, remember to click on HELP>Check for Updates.

To see a list of the new items and the "fixes" in this update click here.