13 May 2010

Granite Mountain Records Vault and Indexing

While at the NGS Conference in Salt Lake two weeks ago we viewed a video about the Granite Mountain Records Vault. It was awesome to get to see the inside. I only live a few miles from here and have never had the opportunity to see the vaults. I can see the door, but that's it!

Since the conference the LDS Church has released a story about how FamilySearch plans to digitize BILLIONS of records that are housed in the vaults. Also included are photos and the video's that we saw at the conference.

View the article, photos and videos here.

Remember that YOU can help digitize the billions of records by participating in the FamilySearch Indexing. Just click on the link. Get your teenagers, cousins, siblings, friends, neighbors and anyone you know to work on making these records available to everyone for free! It's so easy! As you can see below, all you need to do is view the image and fill in the predefined blanks on a form. It only takes an average of 20 minutes to complete a batch. So take 20 minutes and give it a try.  PS. It's a great way to get your teens involved! And we all know that they get bored if they are not doing something and summer is coming. Besides they usually love working on their PC. Get a challenge going between your teens and their friends! ...or maybe between YOU and your TEENS!


  1. There are also more practical situations. Someone may wish to trace their genealogy to locate information about a family member with whom they have lost contact with, or never knew about to begin with. They may want to either verify if the person is still living, or find out details about their death. Since these records are in the public domain, one can find out details such as the date and place of birth, names and other details on a surviving spouse and children, city and state of death, and even the cause of death and circumstances surrounding the death. This type of information is very important to people who are searching out facts to trace their genealogy.

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