20 August 2010

200 Million More Historic Records See the Light of Day

FamilySearch has given us a new gift! And it's a big one, at that! Over the last few months, FamilySearch has added over 200 million new searchable historic records representing 18 countries to its online database. There are now about 700 million records online..

The latest deluge of records includes 53 new or updated collections from the United States and over 100 million new records from Europe, Scandinavia and Mexico. The United States collections include the 1910 U.S. Census (this census is not complete yet) and states’ birth, marriage and death records. There are 10 million new records from New Jersey and Michigan, 4 million from Tennessee, an amazing 41 million from Massachusetts, and many more from other states. 

Currently, 350,000 volunteers worldwide log on to FamilySearchIndexing.org and use FamilySearch’s proprietary software to view digital images of historic documents of personal interest and type in the desired information. FamilySearch then creates a free, searchable index of the historic collections online for the public to use. So if you are not one of the 350,000 volunteers currently transcribing documents, consider giving a little of your time to this great cause. You will have fun!

<> You can read the entire article here.

<> These historical records can be found at http://pilot.familysearch.org and at http://fsbeta.familysearch.org/. Try both sites. There are some different records on each, some the same, and they use different methods of searching.

<> To see the entire list in the collection, go here.