18 October 2010

FamilySearch Blogger Day

The first Blogger Day event being held by FamilySearch here in Salt Lake City is happening later this week! I've been invited and I'm pretty excited to learn more and be able to share with you! So stay tuned!

The plan is to demonstrate the new projects and products on the horizon at FamilySearch and to offer feedback. I know that the the FamilySearch products we currently have continually change and it's our job, the bloggers, to help spread the word and help make those transitions as easy as possible for all of us.

Are you currently using new FamilySearch to it's fullest? Are you aware that there are training guides, videos, and the FamilySearch Research Wiki to guide you through the genealogy research process? Are you communicating with other "distant cousins" about your family tree? Is your brick wall as simple as not knowing what to do next?

I'm guessing that many of you are "checking out" new FamilySearch and "admiring" your family...RIGHT? But going on from there is just a bit too daunting or your frustration level rises because you can't keep track of everything that is going on?  And you find that there are lots of people looking up the same documents over and over and over?

Well, I'm confident we will get a few answers to all these questions and I will follow up with as much info as I can to help spread the word.

So stay tuned....