18 October 2010

New Series of RootsMagic Classes

Want some help with RootsMagic software? I'll be teaching another five-week series of classes covering all the major features of RootsMagic 4 and try to answer all your questions. The classes begin again every Monday in November from 1 - 3 pm at the Riverton FamilySearch library.

The class typically follows this schedule:
Week 1 - Getting started; setting up database and options, overview of screens; and building the family tree or pedigree.
Week 2 - Using RootsMagic with new FamilySearch; LDS features
Week 3 - Sources and tools
Week 4 - More Tools and Reports
Week 5 - Multimedia, research aids and sharing data

Come join me whether you use RootsMagic 4 or the free version, RootsMagic Essentials! If you can't make it to every class, come to those you want. And there is no need to register as there is plenty of room. The library is a great facility for teaching and learning; large screens, comfortable chairs, good lighting and very easy parking. If you need help or have questions I'll stay after class and help as much as I can.

The library is easy to get to if you live in either the Salt Lake Valley or in Utah county.  Here's the map for location and directions. Basically you follow Bangerter Highway to the 13400 South exit. There is only one multi-story building to the northeast of the intersection. Park in front and come on it!