16 November 2010

Changes in the Family History Library Catalog-Old vs New

You know how I hate to reinvent the wheel so I am going to point you in the right direction today.

Recently, FamilySearch announced a new version of the Family History Library Catalog. This is one more piece of the puzzle in creating a self-contained FamilySearch website, instead of having all the various parts and pieces spread around several websites. The old version of the FHL Catalog is still available to search online even though the new one has now been published. Keep in mind that the new FamilySearch website is still evolving and considered a beta version.

If you are like me, you want someone to show you the differences between the two rather than having to do the comparison yourself. So here's where I want to redirect you to the Ancestry Insider's article about the current differences between the two versions of the catalog -- the great, the good, and the not quite so good. Enjoy!