07 March 2011


The next regular, second-Saturday-of-the-month meeting of the Utah Valley PAF Users Group will be on Saturday, 12 Mar 2011, from 9 am to noon in the LDS "Red Chapel", 4050 North Timpview Drive (650 East), Provo. Information about the Users Group, main presentations, classes, and class notes are available on the Group's website.

The main presentation for this meeting will be by Stephen Kent Ehat on BACK-DOOR RESEARCH BREAKS THROUGH BRICK WALLS. Steve will be showing what to do when you hit a brick wall in your family history research. What do you do then? Perform research on others, such as neighbors and those named in records in reasonably close proximity to the names of your relatives. This type of research helps you break through brick walls. Learn how to do it and be amazed at the results. Stephen Ehat is member of the State Bar of California. He recently served as the Director of a six-stake Family History Center in Lindon, Utah where he lives. A convert to the LDS Church at age 10, he has been doing family history research since 1967. He and his wife, Jeanine, have five sons and eleven grandchildren (with two on the way, but who's counting?).

Following the main presentation there will be several classes about family history and technology with something for everyone at any level of expertise. The teachers and classes presently scheduled for this meeting are as follows: 
(1) MAC: Reunion Tips,TricksQ/A, and using Skype, by Ron Snowden; 
(2) Strategies for Searching Ancestry.com, by Sue Maxwell
(3) Personalized Help, by Finn Hansen & Rudy Johansen; 
(4) Q&A and Back-door Research Examples, by Stephen Ehat; 
(5) Video of last month's main presentation: The Future of New FamilySearch, by Ron Tanner; 
(6) Family Insight, by Andrea Schnakenburg; 
(7) Ancestral Quest, (TBA); 
(8) Legacy, by Joel Graham; and 
(9) RootsMagic, by Diana Olsen.

All meetings of the Users Group are open to the public whether members of the Group or not. The Users Group has the goal of helping individuals use technology to further their family history and there are usually 100-125 attending the monthly meetings on the second Saturdays.

As you can see, I am teaching a class on Ancestry.com search techniques so please come join me, especially now that we have Ancestry.com back in our Family History Centers.