25 August 2011

Search Feature Changes in Upcoming FamilySearch Releases

I've had the opportunity over the last few weeks to hear several of FamilySearch spokespersons talk about feature changes in future releases to FamilySearch. Jim Ericson, of FamilySearch has recently posted about these changes and I highly suggest you read up on them so you won't be surprised when it happens.

Some of the users of the Record Search Pilot site were concerned about all the "white space" that was being wasted on each results page making it difficult to quickly find the results you were interested in. So FS will change the layout to rows and columns to speed that process.

Significant improvements to the search functionality are also planned. We will be able to search using multiple event and relationships; search across multiple collections; and refine the search using specific filters and matching criteria.

And to top if off, the number of records available will double to 2.1 billion records -- of which all will remain free to users. Remember that some records will continue to have contractual restrictions to images and/or content so you must log in to gain the most benefit.

You can read all of the detail here.