30 September 2011

FamilySearch.org Feature Changes Added Sept 2011

For a long time FamilySearch was making changes to the website once a quarter or four times a year. That was a challenge to keep up with. But things are changing faster and faster. Now changes are being released on more of an “as needed” basis, requiring all of us to have a bit more patience and flexibility.
Here is a recap of the most recent changes.

1.       The Feedback Tab was removed.  This was originally a part of the beta test and is no longer needed on each page. You can still send feedback from a link on the Home page or from inside the Help Center.

2.       A New Viewer for Images. The Flash viewer was eliminated because it will not work on most mobile devices. With the new viewer the Print button prints exactly what is displayed on the screen. So make sure you have the image centered the way you want it before printing. You can click and drag the image around.

3.       A New Layout for Search Results. The new format takes out much of the wasted “white space” on the page. You can see more results on one page and extra fields of data are displayed.

4.       Notes that were part of the original Pedigree Research File submissions are displayed on the results screen.

5.       The old Ancestral File Numbers that were previously removed from FamilySearch have now been added back so you can find a specific person you have a number for. 

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