28 January 2011

FamilySearch Videos: Watch and Learn!

Over the last couple of years FamilySearch has posted a number of YouTube video's to help you learn more about genealogy and other related subjects. Just sit back and watch and you can learn without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Are you interested in where the 2.4 million microfilms are stored and how it all began? Watch these and learn more about the Granite Mountain Vault.

Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 1 - FamilySearch Genealogy Records

Granite Mountain Records Vault, Part 2 - FamilySearch Genealogy Records

Inspirational: Do you need a little extra boost to get you started searching for your ancestors? The first video below, Woven Generations, is an introduction to segments originally shown at "A Celebration of Family History" as part of the 2010 NGS Conference held in Salt Lake City. The other segments are short family history vignettes.

FamilySearch - Woven Generations

FamilySearch - Letters from Estonia

FamilySearch - Clan McCloud

FamilySearch - Searching for Emma

Are you just getting started with your family history and not quite sure what to do? Check out the following video's.

Getting Started, Step 1 - Finding Easy Information (FamilySearch genealogy)