02 December 2013

Get Kids Involved in Family History - MY STORY app

Attention, Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, Family Historians! I'm always looking for tools to help with family history and find ways to get children involved in the process. Today I found an iPad app called MY STORY - BOOK MAKER FOR KIDS that looks pretty great. Every day I check the app "Apps Gone Free" and for today only, this app is free. 

Right after installing the app there is a button for "grown-ups" that allows grown-ups, like teachers, to register for a free Bright Bot account to be able to synchronize a classroom, authors (the kids), and their stories. When I went to that site today it lets me register and be notified when the site is ready to go, but it's not available right now.

I created an author by adding a name and a single click of a button adds a Book.  I can add pictures from my camera roll, take a picture with my built-in camera, write and draw pictures free hand or add text from the keyboard, change my text color, tool size and erase mistakes with the eraser tool. There are digital stickers to enhance pages. I can add as many pages as I want, add titles to each page and add audio clips using the iPad's microphone. 

This is a great tool for children to tell stories about themselves, their activities, family members or friends. These books can be shared via email, twitter, facebook, or open in iBooks on the iPad or iPhone or, on any device that opens epub files. The only think I didn't find that would be helpful is an "undo" feature. If you make a mistake you can erase it, but not undo it.

This is a simple tool that that I think my younger granddaughters will love. And as a grandma - I'd love to get a "book" for Christmas! What a fun keepsake. 

Disclaimer: I don't have any affiliation with this app or its author. I just saw it, liked it, and thought you might, too. By the way, the regular price of this app is $3.99, so it's not a bad deal even if you miss the free deal today!