29 June 2009

All Temples Recording Ordinances in new FamilySearch by end of July, 2009

Another new update in the use of New FamilySearch! I have quoted the document for the sake of accuracy and for your information:
Document ID: 107347
All temples will record ordinances using the new FamilySearch System July 2009

By the end of July 2009, all temples (with the exception of 5 of the Asia temples; Tokyo, Fukuoka, Taipei, Hong Kong and Seoul) will record ordinances using a new ordinance recording system. Completed ordinances will no longer be updated in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) by temples on the new system. Because of this, members should meet with a family history consultant or visit a family history center to view and verify the latest ordinance information. Family history consultants and family history center staff have the information necessary to help members view completed ordinances using the new FamilySearch system.

After verifying that an ancestor needs temple ordinances, members may continue to prepare ancestral names for temple ordinances using the TempleReady process. After a TempleReady submission file has been created, the family history center staff can assist the patron to create and print a Family Ordinance Request form that will be taken to the temple, and used by the temple staff to print temple name cards.

Family history consultants and center staff may also use a helper function in the new FamilySearch to prepare ancestors’ names for temple ordinances, print a Family Ordinance Request, and bypass the need to use the TempleReady process.