23 June 2009

Read-only Access to nFS for all Members

According to the following memo that was distributed to all employees and missionaries of the Family History Library, all members currently can register for new FamilySearch in a read-only format. It goes on to say that there should be no TempleReady disks taken to any of the temples effective immediately. And, it says that all temples currently can accept the FOR's (Family Ordinance Requests).

However,according to the recorders office at the Draper temple, they WILL NOT be able to accept the FORs until AFTER July 14th, 2009. They will not receive the necessary software until that time.

Here is a copy of the memo for your information.
From: Merrill White
Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009
Subject: Read Only new FamilySearch Accounts
Importance: High

Please pass this along to all employees and missionaries

Limited access to the new FamilySearch to view completed ordinances (Read Only Accounts)

During the last two years, the Church has been introducing a new process for preparing ancestral names for the temple. This process includes a new system used in temples to record completed ordinances and a new FamilySearch Web site, new.familysearch.org, where members may view and update information about their ancestors and see completed temple ordinances. This new process is now being used in most temples worldwide. Temple ordinances that are completed in these temples do not appear in the International Genealogical Index (IGI).

Members of the Church who want to see and verify current completed temple ordinances must view them in the new FamilySearch Web site. This new Web site is not yet available to all the members in Utah and Idaho. Therefore, members who have prepared ancestral names for the temple within the last year using the IGI may go to new.familysearch.org and register to create a limited-access account. Once their stake in Utah or Idaho has been rolled out their account will automatically become a full access account.

If a member tries to create a limited access view account and they receive a message that says the system is not yet in their temple district they can receive a ‘Read Only’ account in one of two ways:

1. If they have never registered on www.FamilySearch.org with their membership number and confirmation date then they can go do so now. After registering and doing an IGI search on the website they will receive notification that they will be given ‘Read Only’ access and that they will be able to register at new.familysearch.org in 24-56 hours for this limited access.

2. If they already have an account at www.FamilySearch.org then they can send an email request to FamilySearch Support to be given a ‘Read Only’ account. To do this they need to follow these steps:

a. Send an email to support@familysearch.org
b. The email subject title must read: NFS READ ONLY REQUEST
c. Include in the email their Full Name and Full LDS Membership Number
d. They will then be given access within one week.

While the members use this limited access to the new FamilySearch Web site, they will continue to use TempleReady in family history centers to prepare ancestral names for the temple. The use of the IGI to verify temple ordinances should be discontinued and replaced with the limited-access view in the new FamilySearch Web site, or Family Tree Project on labs.familysearch.org. If a patron desires to utilize a Third Party FamilySearch Affiliate Product to do this checking, such as Family Insight, Ancestral Quest or Roots Magic, they may do so. Their ‘Read Only’ Account will allow them to pull down data from new FamilySearch, but not correct or push data back up to the system. It is not an expectation that staff at the Family History Library will know how to use these products. They are available on the Library Patron Desktop and in family history centers for the patron to utilize if they wish.

Once a TempleReady submission file has been created the cards must be printed in the Family History Library. Effective immediately, TempleReady disks should no longer be taken to the temple to process. Temples are only accepting Family Ordinance Requests (F.O.R.). If a patron does come to the FHL requesting that an .sub file be converted to an F.O.R. we can just submit and print their .sub file in the Lobby at the Temple Card desk. We need not convert .sub files to an F.O.R. at this time.

If a patron does have ‘Read Only’ access, but they would rather not use TempleReady to process the names, you can sign-in as a helper for them utilizing the ‘Helper Function’ in the new FamilySearch. To do this you:

1. Sign-in to your new FamilySearch account.

2. Select the Helper Function option.

3. Enter their Full Name, Birth date and Helper Access Number which usually is the last 5 digits of their membership number.

4. Select the names they wish to take to the temple. Be sure to check possible duplicates and combine them. If no ordinance data is found then you can select and clear the names for temple ordinances and print an F.O.R. for them to print their cards in the lobby or at the temple.

CAUTION: In offering this service we must sit with them while they do this since we are signed in helping them on our accounts. We also can only clear a few names at a time. I would limit this to no more than 15-20 names maximum.

Members should only use this limited access to the Web site to find and verify temple ordinances for their ancestors. Concerns over duplicate information about ancestors and other data related issues should not be submitted to FamilySearch Support at this time and will be politely deferred by our support staff. Once full access to the new Web site is available to Church members in Utah and Idaho, these types of concerns may be reported and corrected.

Thanks so much for your support and assistance in this transition process. Any questions please let me know. Thanks,

Merrill White
Family History Library Patron Services


  1. This is no longer the case. The Read Only Accounts has been discontinued.