30 June 2009

Assisting Members to View Ordinances

The following email is a followup to the changes being made with the IGI and the use of new FamilySearch. This memo was directed to missionaries at the Family History Library in Salt Lake, but, it is applicable to consultants in the Utah/Idaho temple districts as well.
30 June 2009
To: Family History Library Staff

The Church is currently updating the computer systems that are used to record completed ordinances in the temples in Utah and Idaho. This update will be completed by the end of July, and after that time recorded ordinances will no longer be added to the International Genealogical Index (IGI). The system update in the temples is an important step in preparing to introduce the new.familysearch.org Web site in Utah and Idaho. Until members have access to new.familysearch.org, they should continue to visit a family history center to prepare names for the temple.

Members who access the IGI and cannot yet use new.familysearch.org will be instructed to meet with a family history consultant or visit a family history center to view newly recorded temple ordinances or determine whether or not temple ordinances have already been performed for deceased ancestors. Members are notified on FamilySearch.org when they are signed in and using the IGI. The pop-up message reads: Temple ordinance information is no longer updated in the International Genealogical Index (IGI). Church members who wish to verify completed temple ordinances for their deceased ancestors may contact a family history consultant, or visit a local family history center for assistance. We encourage you to use the features of the new.familysearch.org Web site to help members who want to verify whether or not ordinances have already been performed for an ancestor or to prepare ancestral names for the temple.

Library Staff Signing In to New.FamilySearch.org to Help Someone Else

Library Staff can help members to use the new.familysearch.org Web site by signing in as a helper for them. Library staff can add or update information about the member’s ancestors as if the member was doing it personally. Please keep this to a minimum as the our main purpose is to assist them in clearing names for the temple, not clean up their records. They will have the ability to do this in the future. Here are the steps you will use:

· Sign in as a helper for the member.

· Select the ordinances for each ancestor needing temple work. Please limit the amount of names selected to no more than one family or 10-15 names.

· New FamilySearch will search for the duplicate ancestor records to ensure temple ordinances are needed.

· Print the Family Ordinance Request.

Library Staff should remain with the member while signed in as a helper for them.

The member will take the Family Ordinance Request to the Temple Card Printing Desk in the lobby of the FHL, or the temple. The FHL Lobby or temple will use the Family Ordinance Request form to print the temple ordinance cards for the member.

Instructions on how to use the helper function can be found in lesson 9 of the New FamilySearch online course that is available on the Training and Resources tab in the Help Center. To view the lesson:

· Sign on to new.familysearch.org, and click on the Help Center link.

· Click on the Training and Resources tab.

· In the Training & Other Helpful Resources section, click on the E-Learning Courses link.

· Under the Family History Consultant–New FamilySearch Instruction section, click The New FamilySearch.

· Click 9: The Helper Function, and view the information from that lesson.

Adding a TempleReady Submission File

Library Staff may help members who have in the past created a TempleReady submission file to upload the information into new.familysearch.org and print a Family Ordinance Request form that the member can take to the temple. Those that do not have the ability to do this currently in the Library are having this function turned on and it will be available to you in the next few days. The FHL Lobby or temple staff will scan the barcode on the Family Ordinance Request form and print the temple ordinance cards for the member. You will need to sign on as a helper for the member in order to use this feature.

When a member brings you an existing TempleReady submission file, you can use the following steps to create a Family Ordinance Request form:

· Sign in as a helper for the member.

· Upload the TempleReady submission file.

· Click the Temple Ordinances tab, and then select the desired names and ordinances from the Reserved List.

· Create and print a Family Ordinance Request.

When uploading a TempleReady disk to create a Family Ordinance Request in new.familysearch.org, take note of all names in the TempleReady submission file, and ensure the full list of names appears on the Family Ordinance Request. There is a known problem where records with non-standardized place-names are not being processed by the new FamilySearch. Click here for details on this issue.

Illustrated instructions on how to upload a TempleReady submission file into new.familysearch.org and create a Family Ordinance Request may be viewed by clicking here. Additional information is available for you in the New FamilySearch Utah and Idaho Release section of consultant.familysearch.org.

The TempleReady program will be removed from the Library Desktop in the near future, and the ability to print temple cards from .sub files will discontinue in the FHL. All temple names will have to be cleared using new FamilySearch, and all .sub files not already printed will need to be converted to a Family Ordinance Request as described above.

If you have questions concerning helping someone else use the new.familysearch.org or on adding a TempleReady submission file, please contact your Zone Leader or FamilySearch Support.

Toll-free: 1-866-406-1830

Merrill White
Family History Library Patron Services