29 June 2009

Compatibility issues with IE8

Are you having trouble trying to access the E-Learning Courses? Maybe you are getting an error message when you try. Well, if you installed the newest version of Internet Explorer 8, you will need to either uninstall version 8, or, wait until changes have been made to the E-Learning Courses.

Whenever a new version of a software comes out, everyone else has to make changes in order to make their software compatible with the newest version. That's what is happening currently with IE8. You may find other programs that you use that are not working as you would expect. Often times it is caused by these compatibility issues.

New FamilySearch Help Document ID: 105237
Internet Explorer 8 is not compatible with E-Learning Courses

Internet Explorer 8 is incompatible with e-learning. Internet Explorer 8 will have to uninstalled and replaced with Internet Explorer 7.

If you do have this problem and want to uninstall IE8, follow the instructions on Document #106963.