08 June 2009

More Important News for the Utah/Idaho nFS Rollout

This is important enough to post about, so I'm giving you a permanent link to The Ancestry Insider's latest article about the new FamilySearch roll-out for Utah and Idaho.

For those of you who have never heard of The Ancestry Insider, let me "sort of" tell you who he is. He wishes to remain anonymous even though many of us do know him. In a nutshell, he used to work for Ancestry.com and now works for the LDS Church. He's an expert genealogist and always in the "know". You can trust that what he publishes on his blog is as accurate as can be.

So today he published an updated article on the roll-out with extensive information about how and why the roll-out is happening the way it is. He explains those infamous IOUSs that we all have, or will have, to deal with.

So read the June 8, 2009 article "NFS Rollout News: IOUs, IOUSs and IOSs", at The Ancestry Insider.

15 June 2009: I'm adding another link here to help us all keep up-to-date on the rollout of nFS in Utah/Idaho. The Ancestry Insider's articles on the roll-out are on one page. So check often to see the latest news.