31 December 2010

Good-bye to Family Record Extraction

I borrowed this from the FamilySearch Indexing newsletter that came out today. I thought many of you would be interested in this.

Good-bye to Family Record Extraction
This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the thousands of workers who participated in family record extraction since it was introduced by Spencer W. Kimball in 1978. Some extractors participated early in the program, transferring the information from paper or microfilm to printed forms. Later extractors typed the information directly into a computer program. The workforce continues to grow, and the use of technology continues to accelerate as we transition from family record extraction to the online FamilySearch indexing program.
FamilySearch is deeply grateful to all who were dedicated to making family record extraction so successful. Some workers have moved on, others have served faithfully for years, and some are newcomers. Regardless of experience or position, each participant labored to accomplish this great task of sharing family history information.
Over 100 groups, including six correctional facilities who devoted themselves to the extraction program, have now made the switch to FamilySearch indexing. We know this was not an easy change for some and we thank you for your patience and dedication to this extraction, and now indexing, initiative. If you or someone you know worked with the extraction program and need help to make this transition, please contact FamilySearch.

So many people worked so hard for so many years doing extraction! Thank you from me to everyone who participated in helping provide those records for all of us!