01 December 2010

New LDS.org Website Launched

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has launched their new website.  The new homepage offers many new and updated features, quick links and resource materials.  The updated site has a more current and visually appealing design and a new search engine.

With a little effort you will find the new site more useful and user friendly. I played around with the new site and am finding I really like it. The new SEARCH process is feature rich and I can find my search results easily. There are a few collections that have not been converted to the new site yet so periodically you may be directed back to the old classic LDS.org site until everything has been converted.

There are some simple, yet subtle, features on the homepage, so be careful you don’t overlook them. This first image is at the very top of the screen, above the “white space”. 

Click on the MENU button to see a complete menu of the site listed in columns by category.

Click on the TOOLS button to see such items as the CALENDARS, WARD and STAKE Websites, and your ward DIRECTORY.

Then look carefully to the right and you will find the SEARCH box. As you type you will be prompted with possibilities.  On each page you arrive at you will be given a sidebar to further filter your search. It’s very useful!

The top portion of the “white space” on the website provides links to Church video’s and you can click though them by pressing the light blue arrow tab on either side of the image.

The balance of the page is designed in useful columns with quick links to further features, a shortcut back to the old “classis” LDS.org, upcoming events and messages from the prophets and apostles.

At the very bottom of the “white space” don’t miss the link to the Home Page Archive! This will take you to back issues of the homepage features.  And always take the time to view the very bottom of the webpage. Here you will find extra shortcuts to Menu items, Resources, and the Most-Visited Content on the site.

Now if you want even more HELP with the website, click here to watch the video lessons!