03 February 2014

RootsTech - So Many Class Choices! Where do I Start?

Any time I attend a genealogy conference I am a bit bewildered as to where my focus should be for attending all the wonderful classes. So I put together a category list of the classes being taught. I know the RootsTech App has a category listing but, I wanted to take it a little deeper. Maybe this will help you to decide what classes to focus on this year, also. There are a couple repeats listed below because they fall into more than one category.

Wednesday's Developers Sessions
The developers of new products want genealogists to attend their sessions to provide the user perspective and offer suggestions concerning their products or perspective products. The seven sessions will cover subjects and questions having to do with Gedcoms; actual locations of genealogy events; an API for My Heritage; unscrambling sources and artifacts do define proof; designing 3rd party API's; and a discussion about what is genealogy and family history.

Getting Started and Overviews
GS1252 - Basic Online Resources for the Beginning Genealogist by Lisa Alzo
RT1420 - 1984-Thirty Years On by Dave Abee
RT1446 - From Pedigrees to Interactive Trees: A History of Genealogical Interfaces, by Charles Knutson
YOUTH1299 - Get to Know Your Geezers (FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Ancestry), by Matthew Hovorka

FamilySearch Family Tree
GS1153 - FamilySearch Family Tree: What's New and What's Next, by Ron Tanner
LAB1240 S/T - Adding Sources to FamilySearch Family Tree, by Kelly Summers

Family History Centers/Discovery Centers
LDS1610 - Putting the Family Back in Family History Centers, by Suzanne Curley
LDS1611 - Engaging Youth in Family History Centers, by Suzanne Curley
RT1488/RT2014 - FS Discovery Centers-The New In-Person Experience Manager, by Scott Stout

RT1193 Introducing the new FamilySearch Indexing Program, by Scott Flinders

Involving the Family in Family History
GS1132 - Facebook is Family History: Engaging Young People in Their Own Stories, by Devin Ashby
GS1134 - Bridging Family History with Technology - a panel discussion
RT1234 - Zap The Grandma Gap, Leave a Heritage Workshop, by Janet Hovorka
RT1352 - How to Get Kids Involved in Genealogy, by Michael Melendez
RT1365 - Using Technology  to Involve All Generations in FH and Genealogy, by Claire Brisson-Banks
RT1379 - Run, Jump, and Collecting Coins: Gaming and Family History, by D. Joshua Taylor
RT1458 - Using AncestryDNA to Further Your Family History Research, by Kenny Freestone at Ancestry
RT1463 - Genealogy Meets Angry Birds: Making Interfaces More Addictive, by Dr. Charles D. Knutson
LDS1611 - Engaging Youth in Family History Centers, by Suzanne Curley

Cloud Services
GS1259 - Access, Backup, Share: Store Your Genealogy Records Online, by Randy Whited
RT1159 - Genealogy in the Cloud, by Randy Hoffman M.Ed.
RT1407 - Taking Your Family With You in the Cloud, by Richard Young
RT1194 - Data Backup from A to Z, by Andrew Klein from Backblaze

GS1170 - Introduction to DNA for Genealogists, by Jim Rader
RT1066 - Begging for Spit, by Blaine T Bettinger, PH.D., J.D.
RT1218 - Magnifying Your Maternal Line with Mitochondrial DNA, by Diahan Southard, BS
RT1269 - Ask the Experts 2014 - Genetic Genealogy Panel Discussion, by CeCe Moore
RT1272 - Using Genetic Genealogy ...for... Adoptees (and ... Brick Walls), by Cece Moore
RT1374 - Advanced Techniques for Use of Autosomal DNA Tests to ...Brick Walls, by Tim Janzen MD
RT1376 - Using 3rd Party Tools to Help You Get More from Your DNA Test Results, by Tim Janzen MD
RT1782 - Read World Cases from the Desk of a Genealogy Professional, by CeCe Moore

Get Organized
GS1208 - The Paper-Less Genealogist - Organizing Your Digital Files, by Denise Levernick
RT1251 - Digitally Organize Research and Note Files with Research Ties software, by Jill Crandell
RT1257 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Paperless, by Randy Whited
RT1284 - Creating a Digital Genealogy Scrapbook, by Barb Groth
RT1289 - From Chaos to C.A.L.M. - Organizing Digital Photos..., by Tom and Alison Taylor
GS1292 - Personal Digital Archiving for the Genealogist, by Tony Hanson
RT1394 - Presenting and Preserving Family History - You Can't Take it With You, by Donald R Snow
RT1417/RT1506 - Self-Professed Uber-Organized Freaks Talk Genealogy Tech Organization, by Lisa Louise Cooke

Digitize Your Data
RT1176 - Digitize Your Memories on a Budget, by Patrick Liechty
RT1185 - Putting Things in Their Place: Paying it Forward in the Digital Age, by Michael Cassara
RT1194 - Data Backup from A to Z, by Andrew Klein from Backblaze

GS1084 - Scanning Tips and Tricks, by Robert Raymond
GS1112 - Metadata for Digital Images, presented by Flip-Pal®
GS1113 - Got Photos? Creating Keepsakes Using Family Photos, presented by Flip-Pal®
GS1292 - Personal Digital Archiving for the Genealogist, by Tony Hanson
LAB1089S/T - Do It Yourself Photo Restoration, by The Ancestry Insider
LAB1253S/T - Metadata Hands-On Lab I and II, by Randy Whited
RT1088 - Do It Yourself Photo Restoration, by The Ancestry Insider
RT1205 - How to Scan an Elephant - Digitize Your FH, by Denise Levernick

Publishing Your Family History
RT1169 - Self-Publishing Your Family History, by Gale French
RT1179 - Create Family History Heirlooms with MyCanvas, by Lorilee Wgner at Ancestry.com
RT1246 - Publish Before You Perish - Leaving a Genealogical Legacy, by Loretta Evans
RT1254 - DIY Publishing for the Family Historian: Tips, Tricks and Tools, by Lisa Alzo
RT1435 - Latest Trends in Publishing for Genealogists, by Marlis Humphrey
RT1464 - Family History Books: Start to Finish in Six Steps, by Nancy and Biff Barnes of Stories to Tell

Family Trees
RT1077 - View Your Family Tree in 3 Dimensions - Charts, by Pierre Clouthier at Progeny
RT1082 - Online Trees: The Root of All Evil?, by Jen Baldwin
RT1228 - Using Prezi to Visualize and Reinvent Your Family Tree, by Brandi Burns

Get Started:
  GS1447 - Top 10 Things I learned About My Family From My Couch: Beginning Internet Genealogy, by Tammy Hepps
  RT1110 - 5 Ways to Do Genealogy in Your Sleep, by Deborah Gamble
  RT1275 - Automate and Improve Your Genealogy Searches: Record Matching, by Eastman, Tanner, Seaver
  RT1325 - Effective Database Search Tactics, by Kory Meyerink
  RT1360 - How the Internet Makes Us Sloppy Genealogists, by Laura Prescott
  RT1386 - Learning How to Tune Your Ancestry.com Search, by Anne Mitchell at Ancestry.com

Online Resources:
  GS1331 - Big Sites, Little Sites - All Online, by Sharon Monson
  GS1375 - Information Overload - Managing Online Searches and Their Results, by D. Joshua Taylor
  RT1097 - Finding Living People on the Internet by Ron Arons
  RT1238 - Finding Biographical Information Online: Free Digitized Genealogy, History Books and Newspapers, by Kelly Summers
  RT1311 - Getting the Most Out of Archives.com, by Amy Johnson Crow at Archives.com
  RT1355 - Unlocking the Power of Irish Land Records at findmypast.com, by Brian Donovan at findmypast.com
  RT1495 - Using Mocavo to Propel Your Research, Michael J. Leclerc at mocavo.com

Historical Newspapers:
  RT1359 - Treasures within the Ivory Tower - Remote Access to Special Collections, by Laura Prescott
  RT1069 - Getting the Most out of Historical Newspapers, by Peter Drinkwater at newspapers.com
  RT1318 - It's News to Me! Historical Newspaper Research, by Pamela Weisberger

Land and Maps:
  RT1098 - Mapping Madness by Ron Arons
  RT1189 - Land Records, Using New Technologies by David W. Moore
  RT1310 - Cartography for Genealogists - Mapping Across Time and Generations, by Pamela Weisberger

Specialty Research:
  RT1109 - Doing FH in Sub-Saharan Africa-Challenges, by Dr. Osei Agyemang Bonsu
  RT1255 - Deciphering Foreign Language Records, by Randy Whited
  RT1278 - Finding Family and Ancestors Outside the USA with MyHeritage, by Danile Horowitz at MyHeritage.com
  RT1334 - Exploring and Researching Your Jewish Roots, by Pamela Weisberger
  RT1486 - Searching the Digital Archive of Norway

Misc Research:
  GS1480 - Applying Technology to Each Step of the ...Research Cycle, by Karen Clifford
  RT1095 - Putting the Flash on the Bones, by Ron Arons
  RT1101 - Your Portable, Sortable Research Log, by Jennifer Patterson Dondero
  RT1103 - Electric Fans (Friends, Associates, Neighbors), by Jennifer Patterson Dondero
  RT1213 - Common Surnames: Finding Your Smiths, by Juliana Szucs Smith at Ancestry.com
  RT1406 - Deciphering Old Handwriting Online, by Harris and Black
  RT1410 - Billion Graves and Find A Grave - Making Them Easy to Use, by Richard Young
  RT1430 - Mergers and Acquisitions: The Business of Expanding Your Family Tree, by Pamela Weisberger
  RT1941 - Doing Time: Prison Records as Genealogical Resources, by Judy G. Russell
  LAB1462F/S - Family Timelines with Treelines.com, by Tammy Hepps at Treelines.com

Social Media and Collaboration:
GS1132 - Facebook is Family History: Engaging Young People in Their Own Stories, by Devin Ashby
GS1260 - Tweets, Links, Pins, Posts: Break Down Genealogy Brick Walls with Social Media, by Lisa Alzo
GS1344 - Story Collaboration: Understand the Different Options, by Dave Dickson at storylava
LSB1491T - Google+ Hangouts on Air: The Panelists' View, by DearMyrtle
RT1201 - Crowdsourcing Your Brick Walls, by Drew Smith
RT1351 - Tips for Successful Research Collaboration, by Luther A. Tychonievich
RT1373 - Capturing and #SharingStories in 140 Characters or Less, by D. Joshua Taylor
RT1452 - Piecing Together History: Crowdsourcing Events to Glean the Most..., by Cheri Daniels

Stories - Your Own and Your Family
GS1114 - Storytelling Super Powers: How to Come Off as Your Family's Genealogy Hero, by David Adelman of ReelGenie
GS1344 - Story Collaboration: Understand the Different Options, by Dave Dickson at storylava
GS1229 - Oral History Basics, by Brandi Burns
GS1288 - How Not to Bore Your Family and Friends-Storytelling 101, by Tom and Alison Taylor at Pictures and Stories, Inc.
GS1307 - How to Interview Yourself for a Personal History, by Tom Taylor at Pictures and Stories, Inc.
GS1340 - The Power of Questions: how will formed questions can prompt memories, by David Dickson at storylava
LAB1230F/S - Personal History Made Simple Through Technology, by Larson and Gardner
LAB1342F/T - Storytelling in a Sea of Social Media, by Dave Dickson at storylava
LAB1403S/T - Virtual Personal History, by Michael Stringham
LDS1924 - Where Do I Belong?, Flipping Your Story and FH Upside Down, by Carol Rice
RT1105 - Emerging Technology and the Family Narrative, by Ryan O'Donnell
RT1188 - The Digital Family History Author, by Chas Hathaway
RT1206 - Scrivener for Family Historians: Organize, Write and Share Your Stories, by Denise Levernick
RT1224 - Discovering Stories on Google Books, by Jimmy Zimmerman
RT1305 - 45 Memories in 45 Minutes, by Tom and Alison Taylor at Pictures and Stories, Inc.
RT1332 - Creating Your Hometown Legacy, by RaNae Roberts
RT1373 - Capturing and #SharingStories in 140 Characters or Less, by D. Joshua Taylor
RT1389 - Putting Your Ancestors In Historical Perspective: Extracting Stories from Military Records on Ancestry and Fold3, by Anne Mitchell
RT1425 - Behind the Scenes of the Ancestry.com Research Team, by Michelle Ercanbrack at Ancestry
RT1451 - I Remember, by Sandra Crowley
RT1456 - Story by Story, Preserve Your Family's History, by Tammy Hepps at Treelines.com
RT1464 - Family History Books: Start to Finish in Six Steps, by Nancy and Biff Barnes of Stories to Tell
RT1494 - Sharing Your Family History Using Multimedia, by Michael J. Leclerc
RT1781 - Put Pizazz in Your Writings with SmartArt, WordArt, and Screenshots, by Nancy Waters Lauer

Spanish Speaking Classes
RT1146 - Writing Newsletters and using MailChimp, by Sonia Meza
RT1147 - Hangouts and Hispanic Genealogy, by Sonia Meza

  RT1061 - Using Tools and Organization for Creating a Valuable Family History Blog, by James Tanner
  RT1313 - Personalizing WordPress

  LAB1200F/S - Using Evernote as Your Primary Tool for Capturing Notes and Ideas, by Drew Smith
 RT1322 - A Mobile Genealogist: Using Evernote for Genealogy Research, by Alice Kane

  LAB1263F/T - Flipboard for Genealogy: Create Incredible Mobile Magazine, by Lisa Louise Cooke
  RT1437 - Flipboard Your Family History, by Marlis Humphrey at myAncestories.com

Mac and iPads:
  RT1107 - Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy, by Nancy E. Loe
  RT1223 - Mac: Simple Tricks to Save You Time, by Jimmy Zimmerman

Mobile Devices:
  RT1118 - Windows Phone for Genealogists, by Louis Kessler
  RT1178 - Keep Your Library on Your Portable Device, by Nancy Waters Lauer
  RT1326 - Can I Do Genealogy on my Tablet?, by Pamela Brigham
  RT1471 - Take Your Research Anywhere with Ancestry.com's Mobile App, by Jason Butterfield at Ancestry
  YOUTH1243 - A FH Mystery: Bring Your Sleuthing Skills and Your Gadgets, by Crosby Ravensworth

  RT1508 - How to Use YouTube for Family History: Setting Up Your Own ...Channel, by Lisa Louise Cooke

RT1225 - Discover the Future on Kickstarter (for funding), by Jimmy Zimmerman
RT1277 - Extended Genealogy Services Using Family Graph API, by Uri Gonen at My Heritage.com
RT1780 - More Than Just a Pretty Face: Technology and the Client Experience, by Jennifer Patterson Dondero
RT1784 - Online Genealogy Courses Exposed!, by Elissa Scalise Powell