15 February 2014

Riverton Family History Library Saturday Seminar

Approaching Saratov: A Director's Journey

In October 2013, THE SARATOV APPROACH started a historical journey in movie theaters.  But that's only part of the story.  Hear writer and director Garrett Batty share his experience of bringing this story to the screen and be inspired by some of the incredible behind-the-scenes miracles that occurred in the process.

Garrett Batty graduated from BYU Film School in 2000.  He and his wife moved to Hollywood, where he began working as an editor.  Years later he wrote and directed his first film, Scout Camp.  After working on several projects for the LDS Church, he accepted a full-time position producing Mormon Messages and other film and video content.  In 2013 he released his first theatrical feature, The Saratov Approach, which continues to introduce new audiences to missionary work.  He served a Spanish-speaking mission in the New York, New York South Mission and has served in elders quorum presidencies, high priests group leaderships, bishoprics, and as a stake executive secretary.  Garrett is happily married to Sherrie Lynn Fisher, from Kuna, Idaho, and they live in Draper with their four children.

Following the keynote presentation from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m., two blocks of four classes each are offered that cover topics of interest for beginning, intermediate, and advanced family history enthusiasts.

10:15 a.m. Choose one of the following four classes:

·         “Research Fundamentals for Consultants and Novice Genealogists”¾Sherry Zealley

·         “Online Midwest Resources”––Sherry Lindsay

·         Your Personal Tree on Ancestry.com¾Echo King

·         Evernote: Your Virtual Genealogy Assistant¾Sue Maxwell

11:30 a.m. Choose one of the following four classes:

·         “WHAT’S THE SOURCE?  Why We Should Document Sources and Citations!”¾Laurie Beardall

·         English Records Before 1837—Parish Records”––Echo King

·         Exploring Norwegian Parish Registers¾Anka Magee

·         “Using Legal Documents in Family History Research”––Davis Farnsworth

Registration is not required for this free seminar. The Riverton FamilySearch Library is located in the LDS Riverton Office Building at 3740 West Market Center Drive. The facility is near the intersection of Bangerter Highway and 13400 South, just east of The Home Depot.

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