28 January 2012

All Your Rootstech Tips, Tricks and Blogs

I'm so getting ready for Rootstech and so are many of you. I've been busy trying to keep track of everyone's ideas, suggestions and insights into getting the absolute most out of the Rootstech experience. And there are so many wonderful fellow bloggers out there who are posting like crazy. It's a flurry of activity. So I'm going to try to create an index here of what I'm finding in this week or so leading up to Opening Day at Rootstech.

Last Minute Deal and Why You Should be at Rootstech:
   Rootstech - Should You Go? (Mormon Life Hacker)

Rootstech Website:
   Rootstech Conference Guide - pdf file
   Schedule for FH Consultants, Priesthood Leaders and FH Directors

Mobile App:
   Mobile App (GenealogyInsider-Jan 25)
   Rootstech App Available for Download (GeneaMusings-Randy Seaver-Jan 24)
   Rootstech App: A Wonderful Resource for Attendees (SCGS Jamboree-Jan 25)
   Rootstech App Is Available (For Your Family Story-Caroline Pointer-Jan 24)

Prepping for the Conference:
   Prepare Before Attending  (Granite Genealogy-SueMaxwell)
   What is Your Rootstech Strategy (Geneabloggers-Randy Seaver)
   Wallflowers Guide to Rootstech (The We Tree Blog-Amy Coffin)
   11 Tips for Attending Rootstech (GenBlog-Julie Cahill Tarr)
   Preparing for Rootstech (Elyse's Genealogy Blog-Elyse Doerflinger)
   Road Trip to Rootstech (The Armchair Genealogist-Lynn Palermo)
   Syllabi Before You Go (Behold Genealogy-Louis Kessler)
   Robert Raymond - FamilySearch Deputy to CGO

Getting Around Salt Lake:
   Quick Insider's Guide (The Chart Chick-Janet Hovorka, who, by the way is the President of UGA here in Utah.)
   Salt Lake Travel and Tourism - Updated Daily

Visiting the Family History Library:
   The Insiders Guide to the Family History Library and SLC (The Ginger Jewish Genealogist-Benai Feldstein)
   Research at the Family History Library (About.com Genealogy - Kimberly Powell)
   Tips For Visiting The Family History Library  (FamilySearch)
   Complete Overview of the Family History Library (FamilySearch)
   Tips for First Time Family History Library Visitors (Shelley Bishop)  

Newspaper Articles:
   Rootstech Conference (Deseret News-Jan 25)
   Genealogy 'Idol' Quest Takes Place (Litchfield County Times-Jan 18)
   Utah Family History Conference Will Broadcast Live

Sponsorship Info:
   brightsolid Sponsors Rootstech (EOGN-Jan 24)
   brightsolid: A Main Partner of Rootstech 2012 (Dear Myrtle-Jan 24)
   brightsolid Sponsors Rootstech 2012 (Press Dispensary-Jan 24)
   APG a sponsor of Rootstech

Presenters - Featured
   Steve Morse - creator of the "One-Step" website
   Dallan Quass - developer behind WeRelate
   Chris Whitten - creator of WikiTree
   Scott Woodward - Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundattion and subsidiary, GeneTree
   David Embley - Key Ideas to be Learned From his Presentation - for software developers
   Patricia Van Skaik - Author, web master, manager, conference organizer, etc!
   Capers McDonald - Exec in Residence and faculty member of John Hopkins University
   Amy Johnson Crow - Certified Genealogist and manager at Archives.com
   Robert Lee - Working on Masters in technology at BYU
   Daniel Horowitz - My Heritage Chief Genealogist
   Tevya Washburn and Kurt Francom - LifeHacker.com
   Devin Ashby - Community Advocate for FamilySearch

   Janet Hovorka of The Chart Chick by Amy Coffin at The We Tree Blog
   Martha Mercer - Maia's Books by Shelley Bishop at A Sense of Family

Live Streaming:
   Sessions You Can Watch From Home (GenealogyInsider-Jan 25)
   Rootstech: Live-Streaming Sessions (The Armchair Genealogist-Lynn Palermo)
   Rootstech to Stream Live Sessions (Adventures in Genealogy Education-Angela McGhie-Jan 26)
   Rootstech 2012 Live Streaming Schedule (Roger's Ramblings-Roger Moffat)
   Rootstech 2012 Live Streaming (Bella Online Genelogy - Tina Sansone)
   Watch Select Rootstech Presentations Online - FamilySearch Tech Tips
   Rootstech Notes-Live Broadcast (Genealogy Star-James Tanner) 

   Rootstech Unconferencing Schedule
   Genealogical Society Webmasters - Rootstech 2012 Unconference
   fhiso-Build a Better Gedcom

Genealogy Idol:
   Rootstech Genealogy Idol-Your Vote Counts!
   Genealogy Idol Competition
   Gen Idol-At Least We Won't Be Singing
   How Will Be The Next Genealogy Idol?
   Genealogy Idol Finalists

Vendor Posts about Rootstech:   
   Stories To Tell (An interview by Amy Coffin at We Tree)
   RootsMagic Treasure Hunt
   Billion Graves
   My Heritage (World Vital Records
   Ancestry.com - Scanning Books (Ancestry Insider)
   Mocavo - Context Give-Aways

Other Blog Posts:
   Four Genealogists Compete for Top Honors at Rootstech (GenealogyInsider-Diane Haddad)
   Be Sure You Check the Right Schedule to Avoid Disappointment (Deb's Delvings-Debbie Parker Wayne)
   Let's Get Happy and Bump at Rootstech (For Your Family Story-Caroline Pointer)
   Who Will Be The Next Genealogy Idol? (Elyse's Genealogy Blog-Elyse Doerflinger)
   I'll Be At Rootstech (Behold Genealogy - Louis Kessler)

Post Conference Webinars:
   DearMyrtle's Rootstech 2012 Review

If I have missed some of the better ones from this last week or so or new ones get posted and I miss them, please let me know.


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