10 February 2012

New FamilySearch WILL (Eventually) Become FamilySearch Family Tree

If you follow my blog you know that I hate to reinvent the wheel and I just want to get the important info out to my readers. So I am going to refer you to a couple of other blogs where the authors have done a fantastic job of discussing and presenting the features of the new FamilySearch Family Tree

I have enjoyed a number of presentations given lately by Ron Tanner of FamilySearch; (about five, I think!) on the subject of the changes coming later this year with new.familysearch.org. New FamilySearch will become part of FamilySearch.org and become Family Tree. I'm testing this Family Tree now and, even though it still needs work, it will be a worldwide family tree. Eventually it will have sources, links to online sources, stories and pictures.

A couple of my fellow bloggers, Ancestry Insider and James Tanner from Genealogy's Star each has posted about this change and the ensuing product. So rather than me redoing the same thing, I want to send your their way.

These changes will be opened to the public, hopefully by the end of the year, for everyone to utilize, including both adding to and editing the family trees! We should all be extremely excited! So hop on over and read!

"A Monstrosity, Wonderful Thing" by Ancestry Insider

"Family Tree to Replace New FamilySearch by Year's End" by James Tanner of Genealogy's Star

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