03 June 2013

Be Prepared-Changes Coming to Genealogy Software Syncing to new.FamilySearch

Exciting changes abound! Yes, you need to look ahead and be prepared if you are currently using a genealogy software program version that still sync's your data to the "old" new.FamilySearch only. FamilySearch has released cutoff dates to vendors for writing to the "old" new.familysearch. 

As of 30 June 2013 write capability for the Family Tree API version 2 (the program that FamilySearch built for 3rd party vendors to access) will be turned off. The Software versions that still use this Family Tree version will be able to read the file until the end of 2013 but not write to it. Remember that beginning on 3 May 2013 you could no longer combine or separate records in new.familysearch. This is the next step in removing new.familysearch possibly by the end of 2013.

A collaboration toolkit will be included in the new version of the API which includes sources and discussions. To maintain FamilySearch certification, all the vendors must re-certify by 15 September 2013 after the collaborative features are added. This will be terrific for users because we will be able to start adding sources to the FamilySearch Family Tree from our genealogy software as soon as our particular software vendor adds these features to their program!

Here is the Windows status of FamilySearch partners as of  2 June 2013. The key to understanding the icons is listed below. 

As an example, the only software programs currently certified to work with FamilySearch Family Tree have a check mark to the left of their name. Also, if you currently use PAF you may want to consider moving to another certified software program if you want to read, write, and share data to the FamilyTree. There are free software versions available that will provide you access. The only one that currently reads and writes to FamilyTree is RootsMagic version 6 or the free version, RootsMagic Essentials version 6.

Here is the key to the above icons:

To continue to follow the status changes of the Windows programs listed above or to see those certified for the Web, MAC, or Mobile apps, click here.

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