11 September 2013

Riverton Family History Library Seminar - GeneTech: Y-DNA Solutions to Common Genealogical Problems

DNA testing has become an accepted tool for identifying ancestors. Information stored in the Y-chromosome passes virtually unchanged from father to son for centuries. Analysis of this genetic information, found in living people, can help determine whether or not you share a common ancestor with another person alive today. Computer algorithms predict approximately how long ago the common ancestor lived. These results have many genealogical applications.

Nathan W. Murphy, MA, AG, works at FamilySearch in the Patron Services Division. He holds degrees in family and local history from Brigham Young University and the University of Leicester (the English university that recently discovered King Richard III’s remains). He has assisted more than 25 clients through DNA testing. His own Murphy Y-DNA originates near County Cork, Ireland.

Following this keynote presentation from 9:00 to10:00 a.m., two blocks of four classes each are offered that cover topics of interest for beginning, intermediate, and advanced family history enthusiasts.

10:15 to 11:15 a.m. Choose one of the following four classes:

“Introduction to the Church History Library for LDS Research” by Jay Burrup

“Writing Family Histories” by Mike Grimshaw

“Find Your Ancestors at Home Using Thousands of Free Sites” by Boyd Willden

“Dropbox and RecordSeek’s Tree Connect: Tools for Adding Sources to Family Tree” by Tom Stubben 

11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Choose one of the following four classes:

“Introduction to Research in LDS Branch, Ward, Stake, District, and Mission Records” by Jay Burrup

“Bite-size Pieces: Writing Your Personal History” by RoseAnn Fisher

“Questions, Clues, and Strategies for Genealogy Research” by Diana Toland

·         RootsMagic Features That Enhance the Software¾Paul Hyer

Registration is not required for this free seminar. The Riverton FamilySearch Library is located in the LDS Riverton Office Building at 3740 West Market Center Drive. The facility is near the intersection of Bangerter Highway and 13400 South, just east of The Home Depot.

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