15 November 2011

Everyone's Going to RootsTech But You?

Win a FREE complimentary registration to RootsTech 2012!

I'll be at RootsTech in February but will you? I was there last February and I'm so excited for it again! RootsTech just isn't your normal genealogy conference -- so what is it and why would YOU want to go?

You tell me why you want to go to RootsTech and you could win a FREE registration to attend!

Here is what you need to do --

1. Go to the RootsTech website and review the conference material and then post a comment on my blog telling me why you want to attend RootsTech in 2012 and be as specific as you can! That's all there is to it. You have until midnight MST on Sunday, November 20th to do this. Tell all your friends by sending them the link to the blog or share on Facebook or Google+. If you have any questions my contact information is located in the upper right of the blog.

2. Wait until Monday morning and I will randomly select a winner and announce it on the blog! I will then get the information to you to claim your registration. Please only submit an entry if you can make it to RootsTech. This contest is for registration only.

[NOTE:  I am an official RootsTech Blogger and this registration is being provided by the kind people behind RootsTech.]
Good Luck!


  1. I am a techno dinosaur. I would love to go to RootsTech.

  2. A few people are apprehensive about posting online, so, if you prefer you can click on the Contact Me button in the upper right of the blog and send your comments just to me.

    Be sure to tell me what it is about the conference that makes you really want to attend!

  3. I want to go to RootsTech because I couldn't go last year and everyone LOVED it last year!

    I also need to meet Josh Taylor - because he is awesome, young, and totally knowledgeable. I really want to see his lecture on "Do I Trust The Cloud?"

    I want to learn more about Google's tools because Google is awesome.

    I really want to see the Expo Hall's playground area because last year they had ping pong and massages - I love both of those.

    I really want to go to SLC - I've never been and that is just pathetic. I need to go to the FHL.

    Thanks for having this contest!

  4. I want to go to RootsTech for unconferencing. The site says there are developer sessions about mobile technology, but I can't find any. I want to talk to people programming for mobile devices because I am trying to learn to do that. I want my genealogy data on my Android, without the need for an active Internet connection. And if I can get my data on there, I can write a gedcom conversion and share the app.

  5. I am soooo in love with Family History. I would so love to spend 3 days in Feb 2012 with over 103 sessions to choose from. I dream for the day that I can have more time to work on my mine. I grab a moment here, sneak a few minutes there and gradually get a little more done as time goes on. A TECHY, I am not!!! I wish I had a dollar for everytime my kids have rolled their eyes and said, "Oh, Mom!!!" But I try, and I keep on trying to learn more and more to help in this passion of mine. I would love to one day be knowledgable enough to be accused of such a WONDERFUL noun!!! LOL...I learn a little here, a little there and try to piece it together, The thoughts of two whole days to do nothing but learn the wonderful things that Roots Tech will be offering makes my heart start to beat so fast that if I was younger and was thinking about some cute guy, I think I would have to say, "I am getting plum twitter-patted!!!"" (And that was a word I used growing up long before there was any such techy thing called Twitter!!! LOL) So here I am, a misplaced Southern girl getting twitter-patted over the thoughts of spendind some wonderful time trying to become a Family History Techy!!!

  6. It looks like RootsTech will be great this year! I'd love to take classes such as "Digitizing Your Way to Organization," creating family websites, working with issues in nFS (especially trying to figure out my Danish families), etc.