11 November 2011

UVTAGG Meeting Tomorrow

I know this is very late notice but the regular Saturday meeting and training classes for the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group is scheduled for Saturday, November 12.

Claire Brisson-Banks will be speaking on THE PERFECT SOCIAL MEDIA: FAMILY HISTORY & GENEALOGY.  Claire will discuss how family history really helps you find and connect with your extended family.  She has created a nice approach to accomplishing this and the outline is linked on her website  https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/User:BrissonBanksCV .

The classes following the main speaker are as follows:
1. Fold3 - Access to Government Records, by Marilyn Thomsen
2. MAC: OSX-7 (Lion), Using iPhoto, and Reunion Q&A, by Ron Snowden;
3. Keeping Your PC Healthy, by Jerry Castillo;
4. Personalized Help, by Don Engstrom & Finn Hansen;
5. Using Technology to Involve Youth in Family History, by Claire Brisson-Banks;
6. Video from last month's main presentation: Dead Men Do Tell Tales, by Loretta Evans;
7. Ancestral Quest, by Gaylon Findlay;
8. Legacy 7.5, by Joel Graham; and
9. RootsMagic 4, by Sue Maxwell.

As usual the class is held from 9am to noon in the LDS "Red Chapel", 4050 North Timpview Drive (650 East), Provo. Website: http://uvtagg.org

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